Prioritization is a key requirement for a working DFSS project. The prioritization package provides different methods to prioritize VOC, Functions, CTQ, or any other list or tree of elements. Finding the right method for prioritization depends on the number of elements in the input data and the complexity of the data. For simple short listings, a prioritization by a simple grade system might be sufficient. For hierarchical structures, the Analytic Hierachie Process is the method of choice. It is also possible to generate questionnaires and get the importance ranking by asking customers or team members directly.

The following methods are included into the Prioritization package

Direct Scoring

VOC Rating

Analytic Hierarchy Process

Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) for Voice of Customer (VOC) prioritization

VOC / CTQ Tree

Mind map for Voice of the Customer

QFD / Market Segments Table

Qualica Software supports different market segments using a list of product variants. In the QFD0 market segments table, you can enter weights for each VOC and variant. This table is the input for all importance calculations. It is also possible to use the AHP component together with product variants: let different users fill out the AHP matrices in the AHP questionnaire. Then connect each user to one of the product variants.

Function / CTQ Tree

Mind Map for Functional Requirements (Functions and CTQs)

VOC Survey

The VOC Survey module allows customers to prioritize requirements and fill out benchmarking tables over the internet. A report generator integrated into Qualica Software creates html forms. These forms can be posted by email or hosted on a webserver. Qualica can also assist in hosting questionnaires on The input data generated by these forms can be imported into your project database.


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