The QFD1 component contains not only the main worksheet in form of a <b>House of Quality</b>, but also many more worksheets that help you to collect and analyze your data. If inserted into an existing project, customer requirements and technical requirements collected from a <b>Mind Map</b> or other methods, will be connected to the House of Quality automatically.

Use Case Diagram

Use Case Diagram

Activity Diagram

Activity Diagram

VOC Benchmarking

Voice of Customer (VOC) Benchmarking. VOC Benchmarking analyzes customer perception.

VOC Sales Argumentation

Sales Pitch (VOC)

CTQ Benchmarking

Critical to Quality (CTQ) Benchmarking. This benchmarking compares measureable specifications.

CTQ Sales Argumentation

Extended analysis of benchmarking data.

Design Structure Matrix

DSM: Analyzes dependencies among functions


QFD 2 Matrix of CTQs to Functions. To be used to prioritize Functions from CTQs. Note: Both Functions and CTQs form part of Axiomatic Design's Functional Requirements domain.


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