Best practice methods for all phases of system design

Create a coherent set of fully consistent method applications

Better Decisions

Whether you are involved in New Product Development (Idea to Offer) or organizational redesign, change involves a huge number of decisions where risks must be taken and successfully mitigated. Design better solutions in less time by organizing requirements, design choices, risk management and product and process knowledge accessible and synchronized in a single, common location. Start any point and the design process and add additional methods and tools as needed. Focus on decision making, Qualica will keep design knowledge synchronized for you.

Use a fully integrated method and documentation toolkit for your design project. Qualica captures all core information about your project. Planning and risk management tools such as FMEA, Scorecards, Concept Selection Matrices and Control Plans are integrated in a single document. Project templates can easily be customized to reflect your organization’s New Product Development Process.

Seamless Documentation

Set Clear Priorities

Voice of Customer, QFD and AHP

Requirements Tree

Smart mind map to capture and sort customer requirements, functional requirementsand priorities. Can be extended to show design parameters and faults. Relationships are synchronized with QFD matrices.

Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)

Pairwise comparison to identify priorities by Saaty Eigenvector analysis. Questionnaire results can be imported. Contradictions from AHP are used for Fuzzy scoring in QFD and Pugh matrices.

QFD / House of Quality

House of Quality and flexible QFD cascades combined with intuitive editing of relations in tree diagrams and mind maps. Priorities and benchmarking evaluations can be collected by surveys.

Select Best Solution

Functional Block Diagram, Morphobox, Design Matrix

Morphological Box

Interactive concept definition: dragging lines to select components into a solution will automatically be reflected in dependencises such as the DFMEA system structure and BOM.

Pugh Matrix

Pugh Matrix with Fuzzy scoring. Fuzzy Logic with error bars is used to handle uncertainties identified in previous methods. Criteria can be linked to QFD and AHP. Concepts can be linked to a Morphological Box.

Component Design Matrix

The Component Design Matrix documents design rationale. It can be used to select parameters for Design of Experiments and document findings. It allows capability prediction via propagation of error (POE).

Mitigate Risk


Boundary Diagram

AIAG / VDA FMEA 2019 Boundary Diagram with extendable categories This diagram can be used at system level for FMEA as well as at detailed level for causal loop analysis. Input is sychronized with DFMEA.

Process Flow Diagram

PFD with integrated support for documentation of process functions and failure modes for use with AIAG/VDA 2019 PFMEA. Vertical and horizontal layouts available. Process flow is fully synchronized with PFMEA and Control Plan.


AIAG / VDA 2019 compliant DFMEA and PFMEA with visual editing of system structure, function and fault networks, form sheets, or editor.

Flexible Templates

Start a project by selecting a template, then extend it step by step adding the tools you need. All building blocks fit seamlessly and eliminate redundant data.

Modify or create your own templates from basic building blocks like tables, matrices and lists. Structure and visualize knowledge in tree diagrams, cause-effect diagrams, or spreadsheets.

Ensure Data Consistency

One Place for Data

Keep information consistent at no extra effort. Whenever you add a new requirement, identify a new risk or add a design option, changes will be reflected automatically and instantly across all domains of the design process, from customer needs and functional requirements to physical design and process.

Presentations at One Click

Compile reports from tables and charts in your project and output them to Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint at the click of a button present project results, share them with your colleagues or create project documentation.

Multi-Project Management

Set up and keep track of projects using multiple, distributed sub projects. Qualica lets you share sub projects across multiple projects for platform components and define common sets of requirements, functions, risks or solutions for easy re-use in multiple projects.

Complete Audit Trail

Manage a complete audit trail of changes. Qualica will automatically maintain copies of your data from before, during and after each session and help maintain lists of participants.

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