Learn how to begin working with Qualica 19 and about new features added since the last version.

This part of the user guide contains a short overview on the functions of Qualica 19. Experienced users can learn the changes and new features since the last version.


Learn how to install Qualica on your System.

Facilitating Meetings

Qualica has been designed to support its use with a projector or interactive whiteboard in team meetings.

Working With Teams

Qualica project workbooks contain documentation compiled from the use of various methods and tools. Responsibilities for entering and maintaining data may be distributed among several team members.

Managing Complexity

Qualica 19 provides tools to understand and represent modularity and enable reuse.

Ribbon Quick Reference

Learn how to use the most important commands on the Ribbons.

Keyboard Shortcut Quick Reference

Learn about the most important keyboard shortcuts.


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