Our consultants will help you to build predictive models, plan effective life testing, and draw the right conclusions from warranty and field repair data.

Reliability Test Planning

Success Runs and Weibull test planning

Adequate testing is essential to verify effectiveness of mitigation of risk. While risk management methods help identifying and resolving potential issues, design verification testing serves as final firewall to prevent issues from affecting the customer. On the other hand, time and effort involved with life testing often imposes strict limits to what can be achieved. Our consultants will assist assessing effectiveness; limitations and fitness for purpose of your current life testing plans. They will recommend plans for a given quality target or OEM customer standard.

Our experts will help you generate predictions of expected field failure rates from warranty and repair data. Accurate predicition models are essential for making the right decisions on whether to accept, update or recall in order to minimize the total cost of poor quality in all cases of non safety-relevant problems.

Field Data and Warranty Analysis

Weibull analysis and warranty rate prediction