About Us  


Qualica was founded in 1995 with a mission to provide its customers with innovative tools and methods supporting the continuous improvement of their products and services.

Qualica is registered as GmbH (a privately-held limited company) under German law. In 1996 Qualica introduced HyperQFD, its first QFD software product. HyperQFD was the first commercial product featuring a graphical project roadmap and permitting users to create multi-stage, linked and synchronized QFD projects. In 2000 a new platform, Qualica QFD, was released. It maintained the basic concept of HyperQFD but added a more intuitive user interface and a new level of data-modeling flexibility using an object database. Since then Qualica Software has been improved continuously.

Current releases of Qualica Software support a wide spectrum of table and matrix based tools used in design methodology, Design For Six Sigma (DFSS), and Innovation. Methods and tools supported include QFD, FMEA, Control Plans, Analytical Hierarchy Process, Design Structure Matrix, Axiomatic Design, and various concept selection methods.

Qualica’s consultants and partners successfully assist clients around the world introduce QFD, DFSS and Lean principles to their product or system development processes. Qualica Design Excellence / DFSS training courses are used by major companies in North America, Europe and China and have been licensed to major Six Sigma consulting groups.

Among the products and services provided are software solutions for product data and requirements management and preventive Quality management, custom software development based on object database technology as well as consulting, training, and facilitation in the field of advanced Design of Experiments, Six Sigma, Lean, and Innovation.