Show As

Control Elements:
  • Spreadsheet
    Shows or creates a spreadsheet view of the current object

  • Diagram
    Shows or creates a diagram view of the current object

  • Side by Side
    Shows or creates a relationship view of the current object

  • Outline
    Shows or creates a tree view of the current object

  • Show in Favorites
    Adds the selected item to the favorites folder

  • Show As
    Show As


Control Elements:
  • Full
    Shows worksheets maximized

  • Undock
    Shows the active window in an free floating frame

  • Freeze Panes
    Split the window into panes

  • Symbols
    Switches the display mode for enumerations between symbol / value

  • Show Grid
    Shows or hides the grid

  • Column && Row
    Highlights the column and row of the selected cell

  • Show


Control Elements:
  • Expand One
    Expand to next level

  • Collapse One
    Collapses the last visible level

  • Exclusive
    Collapses all other items

  • Expand


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