Qualica's desktop provides a number of floating bars and tool pallettes.

1 Ribbon

Access all commands using the multifunctional ribbon bar

2 Formula

The Formula Bar shows and edits the formula of the currently selected object (e.g. a column of a table)

3 Browser

The Browser is located at the left upper area of the main window. It shows the contents of all currently opened projects and files

4 Properties

Read and edit attributes / properties of the currently selected elements (e.g. cell of a matrix) in the Properties tool window

5 Output

All information or error messages from analyses or formulas are streamed to the output window.

6 Worksheet

The center of the main window shows the last opened Worksheet. Other worksheets can be opened by double-click on an element in the browser.

7 Gallery

The Gallery shows components and editing tools depending on the active worksheet.

8 Statusbar

The Status Bar shows a short description of the selected menu command or the progress of a running command. It also contains controls for the display details (basic, normal, extended), the project language, the user mode (user/author), and zooming.


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