Control Elements:
  • Matrix Checks
    Detects logical problems in the selected matrix
    • Check Now
      Detects logical problems in the selected matrix
    • Reset
      Resets the highlighted areas in checked matrices

  • Partition Matrix
    Build partitions by re-arranging rows and columns

  • Show Partitions
    Show partitions in the current matrix

  • Sort Diagonal
    Sort matrix diagonal using primary relations

  • Synchronize Matrix
    Calculate values of groups


Control Elements:
  • Create Snapshot
    Creates a snapshot from the current tree

  • Synchronize Snapshot
    Gets the changes made to the original tree

  • Replace List
    Replaces this tree

  • Reset
    Restores the original tree if a subset had been selected before

  • About Snapshots
    More information about snapshots


Control Elements:
  • Insert Function
    Inserts a formula

  • Show Formulas
    Shows all formulas of the selected workbook

  • Auto Recalculate
    Toggles automatic recalculation

  • Trace Precedents
    Find formulas that change the cells value

  • Highlight Calculated
    Highlights calculated cells

  • Trace Dependents
    Find formulas that depend on the selected value

  • About Formulas
    More information about formulas


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