The Workbook Page

This is the first page in the workbook's format property sheet. It contains command buttons that help maintaining the workbook contents and its connections to a repository.

Control Elements:
  • 1
    Click here to detect and remove any unused variables.
  • 2

    Click here to edit the special template builder options if you want to use this workbook as source for new templates.
  • 3

    Change the path to the repository here.
  • 4

    Click here to disconnect this workbook from a repository.
  • 5

    Edit the path to a database to store shared data between multiple workbooks. Use the […] to select a database in the file system.

The Custom Lists Page

This page shows all available custom list definitions in the workbook. You can modify those custom lists, create new lists, and remove custom lists from the workbook.

Control Elements:
  • 1
    Choose the custom enumeration for editing
  • 2

    Click to create a new enumeration datatype
  • 3

    Click to remove the selected enumeration datatype
  • 4

    Click to rename the selected enumeration datatype
  • 5

    Click to use a tree from the current project as enumeration datatype
  • 6

    Toggle write protection for the selected enumeration datatype
  • 7

    Choose the datatype to use for all slots of the enumeration
  • 8

    Click to add a new slot
  • 9

    Click to remove the selected slot
  • 10

    Click to move the selected slot up
  • 11

    Click to move the selected slot down
  • 12

    Click to edit the color and line settings associated with the enumeration
  • 13

    This is the table of enumeration values. Click a cell to edit.
  • 14

    Click to synchronize all instances of the enumeration with the changes
  • 15

    Edit the value to be used in calculations if no slot has been selected


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