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Software Training

Software Training

We offer 1-3 day on-site courses for Qualica software training. Training courses can be adapted to your needs, questions, or level of experience with the software. We also offer software training via Webex in 3-hours blocks.


Qualica Software Training for Users (1 day)

Qualica Software Training provides a one-day workshop in creating a roadmap of a QFD project, entering requirements, linking the stages, calculating cost and priorities, and filter and sort information using Qualica QFD. Hands-on exercises and activities demonstrate the most important concepts of the product.

Upon completion, participants will be able to set up projects in Qualica QFD, adapt those projects to their company's requirements, and use the product to enter data in team sessions.

Qualica Software Training for Facilitators, Tool Experts and Master Black Belts(2 days)

In addition to the topics covered by the 1-day product training course, this course will teach participants how to modify worksheets, create their own worksheets and project templates, and leverage the full potential of data analysis and modeling in Qualica QFD. Participants will learn how to manage data using Qualica's version management feature, how to work with sub projects and how to assign access rights to projects.


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