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QFD Training

QFD Training

Our QFD training will take participants through the steps of creating a House of Quality. They will learn how to prepare for a QFD workshop, how to structure and prioritize requirements, and how to develop and prioritize measurable, testable objectives.

Course Content:

QFD House of Quality

  • QFD Introduction and Background
  • QFD House of Quality
  • VOC Techniques
  • Developing Questionnaires
  • Affinity Diagram
  • Voice of Customer Table
  • VOC Prioritization Techniques including QFD 0 and AHP
  • Quality Plan
  • QFD House of Quality
  • Benchmarking
  • Targets
  • Project Risk Assessment

Concept Selection

  • Functional Analysis
  • Concept generation and the morphological box,
  • The most common concept selection tools including Pugh Matrix, TOPSIS and AHP.

Value Analysis

  • QFD Design Matrix (QFD 2,3)
  • Bill of Materials and Cost Estimation
  • Target Cost Analysis


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