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DOE for Chemists
DOE for Chemists

Mixture Designs Training

Chemists and process engineers often need to deal with mixtures of ingredients. Normal Six Sigma DOE does not address this need adequately. Our DOE training program for Pharma and Chemical applications integrates theory of Mixture Design with hands-on classroom experimentation. DOE for chemists classes range from 2 to 5 days depending on previous knowledge and customer needs.

Course participants will learn to document previous knowledge and plan the experiment fro there, select and design an appropriate experimental approach, and run, analyze and interpret a Mixture Experiment. During the course or in evening sessions participants will apply their knowledge in our FLOP Drug Delivery System and Vitamin Cocktail classroom case studies.


Course Content:

  • Introduction to Design of Experiments (optional)

  • Introduction to Response Surface Methodology (optional)

  • DOE Planning, Preparation and Knowledge Management

  • Introduction to Mixture Designs, Simplex Designs

  • Constrained Simplex Designs

  • Constrained d-Optimal Designs

  • Combined Mixture-Process Designs

  • Screening For Mixture Components

  • Propagation of Error and Process Robustness


  • Course Material: English
  • Training Languages: English, German


This course is based on StatEase (R) Design Expert software.

The course is also available as integrated part of DFSS for Pharma/Chemical.

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