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Our Design For Lean Six Sigma courses are used by multinational companies and several renowned consulting firms around the world. We offer adapted courses for engineering, process industry and pharmaceutical industry. Implementation of Design for Lean Six Sigma differs form Lean Six Sigma in that Green Belts and Black Belts typically remain in their original function. Training and coaching in DFLSS will provide them with more powerful tools to get their job done. Training levels and requirements vary with job functions:

Training Levels:

  • Black Belt (typically project team leaders, tool and method experts)
    4-5 weeks of training covering all topics. Black Belts are enabled to run a DFSS project. Certified BBs can identify opportunities and apply DFSS tools on a project without external guidance.

  • Technical Green Belt (typically technical project team member)
    will receive 2 weeks training in initial project phases (business case to concept) and optimization tools. GBs will be able to effectively support a BB in applying DFSS tools to a project.

  • Marketing Green Belt (typically marketing, sales, or product management project team member)
    will receive 1 weeks training on initial project phases (business case to concept. Marketing GBs will be able to understand the concepts of DFSS, define business case and requirements, and participate in QFD and Concept Selection activities.

  • Champion (typically line manager, program manager, other stakeholder)
    2 days of training on the DFSS process and the champion’s role in supporting BBs/GBs.



Our team of consultants and associates have delivered DFSS in industries including Materials, Steel, Electronics, Engineering, Power, Railways, Lighting, White Goods, Electric Power Tools, Automotive, Pharmaceutical and Software. This course is intended for product development in automotive, electronics, engineering as well as any kind of technical product directly used by an end user (personal computers, washing machines, drill drivers, tv sets, mobile phones...). Adapted Courses are available for Chemical Industry / Materials and Pharma.


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