Design Excellence Power Tools

Workshops and Facilitation

QFD Facilitation

Quality Function Deployment (QFD) Workshops

Professional help for successful QFD: Workshop preparation, facilitation and report generation.
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  DOE Consulting

Design of Experiments Planning and Analysis

Help with planning, preparing and analyzing successful designed experiments.
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FMEA Facilitation

FMEA, DRBFM and Value Analysis Facilitation

We moderate workshops on FMEA, VAlue Analysis and other methods - either as part of a DFSS approach or as standalone activity. Contact us for details...

  Kaizen Workshops

Kaizen Facilitation and Value Stream Mapping

Ranging from hands-on 5s to Value Stream Design, our consultants support your team in Lean Six Sigma.
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Process Management

Process Control and Management

Our approach foe developing or streamlining a process control strategy: Hands-on, on-site (Gemba) assessment combined with process mapping and control system development: Develop a Characteristics Matrix, FMEA and Control Plan linked to immediate on-site improvements in 3-5 days. Contact us for details...

  DFSS Facility Design

Facility Planning DFLSS

Need to set up a new production line, facility or entire plan? Our unique, DFLSS-based decision making and planning process helps to take the right decisions. Our consultants have successfully applied a DFSS approach to facility design, ensuring traceability of decisions, full incorporation of stakeholder and user requirements, and reduced replanning and iterations at later project phases. Contact us for details...



Software Training

Product Development Process Template Design
Streamline the use of DFSS tools and product documentation. We develop Qualica templates specifically adapted to your PDP.

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