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Need a Custom Template?

Qualica comes with a large number of templates supporting a wide range of development methods. Most of these methods can be combined easily. However, at some stage organizations need to standardize on an approach to implement DFSS or proprietary product development best practice. Qualica fully supports definition of custom templates by the user. Any example database can easily be saved as a template and made available to other users.


Custom Template Development

For customers who do not want to set up custom templates themselves, Qualica is offering custom template design as a service. Our developers and consultants will set up templates based on your specification, charging an hourly or daily rate. Contact us to discuss your needs and get a quote for implementing your vision of a customized set of methods in Qualica. We want you to be successful using Qualica. A limited amount of modifications will be made free of extra charge as part of the annual maintenance contract.



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