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QFD Facilitation

QFD Workshop Facilitation
Leading QFD workshops to results is not always easy for occasional users or project leaders. Our consultants facilitate QFD workshops and ensure you obtain the results you need to take decisions on the course of your project.


QFD Preparation

Our consultants meet with project leaders and/or product managers before the workshop - ether face-to-face or via Webex/Netmeeting. This initial review will ensure the required inputs are available.

VOC Analysis Workshop

During a 1 or 2-day workshop, cross-functional teams will be taken through the steps of the QFD. Team typically include product management or marketing, development, the project leader and representatives from quality / service where needed.


A typical agenda includes:

  • Affinity Diagram to structure Voice of Customer
  • VOC prioritization using QFD 0 and/or AHP
  • Identifying CTQs (measurable performance characteristics) on the Voice of Customer table
  • Developing a draft Quality Plan /VOC Benchmarking
  • Completing the relationship matrix
  • Preparing the technical benchmarking

Results form the first workshop:

  • Prioritized list of VOC to investigate in competitive benchmarking focus groups, questionnaires, or interviews
  • Prioritized list of CTQs to measure on competitors
  • List of VOC requirements with no CTQ measurement system in place

Target Setting and Concept Selection Workshop

In a follow up workshop the team meets to define project goals as soon as Benchmarking measurements and other preparatory tasks are completed. This workshop typically takes 1-3 days, depending on the scope of concept selection.


A typical agenda includes:

  • Review of Benchmarking results
  • Setting CTQ target values
  • Evaluating the development risk associated with those targets
  • Optionally identifying and evaluating high level concept alternatives to meet targets

Results form the first workshop:

  • CTQ target specs for development, with priorities.
  • Systematic, traceable selection of the best solution concept.
  • Optionally a target cost assessment (Value Analysis) for the selected concept.

QFD Documentation

If needed our consultants will submit a QFD report in PDF and Power Point(R) formats.



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