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DOE Planning and Analysis

DOE Planning and Analysis

In Design of Experiments the quality of planning and preparation is often key to success. Our DOE support package will ensure you complete designed experiments successfully: Our consultants will take your team of subject matter experts through a rigorous 1-2 day process of knowledge mapping and planning to ensure you receive the most efficient and effective plan for experimentation.

  • If needed they can help to plan, organize and execute measurement system analysis before the actual experiment.

  • When planning the experiment we will use optimal, state of the art experimental designs where appropriate to save time and money on execution.

  • After the experiment we ensure correct interpretation of results presenting and discussing findings and next steps in a half day to one day meeting.

  • Typically an investigation includes 2-3 rounds of experimentation, going from screening to optimization to confirmation/robustness.

Consult an Expert

DOE consulting and coaching is often avoided as Six Sigma Champions and BBs think they can manage the experiment themselves, often following basic Six Sigma GB and BB training or other available sources. All too often attempts to implement "the first DOE" without expert support will fail, leading to statements like "DOE does not work here".

More often than not, the challenge with DOE is in the areas training or textbooks cannot cover. Usual suspects are proper definition of the hypothesis to be tested, process variance control, and real life constraints to experimental regions and randomization.

A more successful strategy is to consult an expert to coach you on a number of real life experiments. Selecting an efficient design and implementing a rigorous planning and preparation process will save time and money.


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