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Value Management
 Planning Suite for DFSS

Value Analysis and Design to Target Cost

Value Analysis and Value Management ensure effort is focused where it makes a difference to the customer. It identifies expensive low value added features early in conceptual design, ensuring development effort is spent wisely.


QFD and DFSS templates include target cost mapping. Target costing is based on component, subsystem or work package cost from a Bill of Material or Work Breakdown Structure. Cost is mapped via QFD matrices to functional requirements and or Voice of Customer.

  • FAST Function Analysis
  • Value Design Matrix
  • Draft
    Bill of Material
  • Target Cost Chart

FAST Diagram

Value Design Matrix
Bill of Material
Target Cost Diagram


Value Management with Qualica

  • Target Cost Chart
  • Integrated Cost / Importance graphs on most QFD matrices
  • Bill of Materials
  • Integration in DFSS / QFD flow
  • Simplified Value Analysis for standalone use (without QFD / DFSS)