Design Excellence Power Tools
 Planning Suite for DFSS

Discovering Innovative Solutions

Use TRIZ to turn design tradeoffs into innovative solutions.

Analyze conflicts between functional requirements on the House of Quality Roof Matrix or in a Functional Block Diagram. Conflicts are listed on the TRIZ Analysis worksheet where TRIZ Engineering Parameters can be selected. Qualica then automatically lists the associated Inventive Principles form the TRIZ Table Of Contradictions.


Mapping of Contradictions

Use a Function Block Diagram to map interactions between functional requirements or design elements.


TRIZ Analysis of Conflicts

Each functional requirement involved in a conflict - either as the factor to improve or undesired result - is automatically listed on the worksheet. TRIZ Engineering Parameters are selected from a drop down list.


  • Function Block Diagram
  • TRIZ Conflicts Analysis
  • TRIZ Table of Contradictions

Functional Block Diagram

TRIZ Analysis

TRIZ Table of Contradictions


TRIZ with Qualica

  • Integration with QFD House of Quality "roof" (CTQ Interaction Matrix).
  • Functional Block Diagram for problem description.
  • TRIZ Conflicts Matrix, Inventive Principles, and Engineering Parameters can be fully edited to add your own items.
  • Ideas developed are made available for use in concept selection / morphological box.