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Scorecards With Qualica

Qualica comes with scorecard templates that can be added to a project to track performance of CTQs or functional requirements, track component defect rates or track process performance. Performance Scorecards help:

  • To get an early assessment of product reliability.
  • To focus on key areas for improvement.
  • To ensure that products and services are produced and delivered around satisfactory targets, with the minimum level of variation.
  • To design and deliver products and services robust to uncontrollable environmental conditions and insensitive to the variation of the component parts.
  • Performance Scorecard
  • Phased Scorecard
  • Failure Rate Development


Failiure Rate Development


Scorecards with Qualica

  • Scorecards report PNC (Probability of non-conformance), Cpk or Process Sigma
  • Specification part shares data from QFD House of Quality
  • Scorecards for all project CTQs or selected CTQs
  • Phase Scorecard showing development of failure rate from early design to full scale verification