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Quality Function Deployment
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Quality Function Deployment

Up to 70% of all development projects are completed late, over budget or cancelled altogether. The single most significant reason for this widespread failure is inadequate requirements management. Development efforts of successful products and services inevitably produce enormous amounts of complexly related information. Project managers and development teams need to organize and fully understand this information.

Qualica 17 is a powerful, but easy-to-use project repository providing them with the tool set and flexibility needed to master this challenge. Using methods based on Quality Function Deployment, it collects and prepares this complex information and leads to development of successful products within the boundaries of customer expectation, permitted costs, and available technology.

Qualica 17 integrates Quality Function Deployment (QFD) and requirements management with proven quality management methods, helping teams to focus on the most important, most critical aspects of their work. Using Quality Function Deployment, Benchmarking, Target Costing, Functional Analysis and Value Engineering, teams can start working out critical requirements. They can then go on finding the best possible solution while at the same time minimizing need for change later in the process by conducting Design of Experiments (DoE), process definition, FMEA and other Six Sigma focused activities. Requirements management with QFD will reduce cost, shorten time-to-market and improve quality. It will significantly increase competitiveness and improve the relationship to customers and business partners.


  • QFD House of Quality
  • Relationship Editor
  • Calculation Formula Editor
  • Risk Analysis: Difficulty
  • QFD

6 House QFD Cascade


Quality Function Deployment with Qualica

  • Ready-to use House of Quality templates with step-by-step instructions
  • Full configurable tables ("rooms") - add additional data and evaluation functions as needed
  • Multiple views on same data, filter and sort worksheets as needed
  • Easy copy & paste of data from/to office applications
  • Powerful editors for online matrix editing in team sessions.