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Quality by Design - Driven by DFLSS

Find out how Qualica 17 can help implement a streamlined Quality by Design approach, leveraging the full power of Design for Lean Six Sigma tools and best practices:

Quality By Design Phases

Qualica for Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) provides teams and project leaders with a fully integrated method and documentation toolkit for their DFSS project. Qualica for DFSS captures all core information about your DFSS project.

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Qualica for Design for Quality By Design provides researchers and process engineers with a fully integrated method and documentation toolkit for their Quality By Design project. Qualica for Quality By Design captures all core information about your Quality By Design project.

All planning and risk management tools such as FMEA, Scorecards, Route Selection Matrices and Control Plans can be fully integrated into the project. Project templates can easily be customized to reflect your organization’s Development Process.

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Quality Function Deployment

Find out how QFD can help meeting ICH requirements for implementing the Target Product Profile:

> QFD Software

> QFD Training and Facilitation

> DFSS Training for Quality by Design

Knowledge Mapping

Discover the Knowledge Matrix - a centralized repository of process and quality knowledge, building on a cause-effect matrix for DOE planning to include knowledge links, transfer functions, POE and Design Space prediction to capture key process knowledge in a single document.

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> Knowledge Mapping Workshops

> DOE and Knowledge Management Training

Quality Risk Analysis

Qualica supports powerful Risk Analysis through cascaded DFSS tools including the Knowledge Matrix, FMEA, the Control Plan:

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> DFSS Training for Quality by Design

> Quality Risk Assessment Facilitation

Design of Experiments

Prioritize and plan your experimental strategy using QFD and the Knowledge Matrix. Use your favorite DOE tool to design and analyze the experiment. Check out our DOE courses on successful Design of Experiments preparation, planning and execution:

> DOE for Chemists and Process Engineers

> DFSS Training for Quality by Design

> DOE Consulting and Services

Design Space

Maximum flexibility requires a probabilistic approach to Design Space defintion. Find out how Qualica's Propagation of Error analysis can help obtain a robust design:

> Knowledge Matrix Sensitivity Analysis

> Performance Scorecards

> DOE Coaching and Consulting

Robust Process Design

Use Qualica to analyze sensitivity and optimize robustness::

> Robust Design and Propagation of Error

> DOE Training for Robust Design

Process Management

Qualica's Knowledge Matrix and FMEA cascade directly into a control plan. Our all-in-one integrated Process Management Editor helps ensure completeness of coverage of critical risks on the control plan:

> Control Plan

> DFSS Training for Quality by Design

Process Capability

Qualica's Performance Scorecard keeps track of process capability from development to pilot production.

> Performance Scorecards

> DFSS Training for Quality by Design

Kaizen and Lean Six Sigma

Once a process is ready for production best practice mandates linking critical control point on the control plan to Kaizen improvement activities in production.
Critical performance measures should be monitored through visual management tools such as Kaizen or Hoshin Boards.

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