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Knowledge Management
 Planning Suite for DFSS

Design Knowledge Management

In system development a tool is needed which allows the application of widely accepted methodologies such as QFD, Design Structure Matrix, Multi-Criteria Decision Making, FMEA, DRBFM, Test Planning and the V-Model in an integrated data management environment.

Qualica provides this environment enabling knowledge based systems engineering supported by well established methods. Qualica's Design Knowledge Matrix supports intensive and in depth knowledge exchange within design teams enabling them to assess the risks and consequences of their design decisions.

Design Action Planning

Based on a Design Matrix of Functional Requirements versus Design Parameters, project leaders, scientists and engineers can document existing knowledge and hyperlink to external sources of information. They can identify knowledge gaps they need to work on and plan and track activities. Project leaders can use integrated project planning and status reporting templates to track progress or link to MS Project(TM).

Semantic Modeling

New insights gained during the design process can be added to the knowledge matrix, successively replacing uncertainty by established knowledge. Design of Experiments or simulation runs can be planned and the results documented. Qualica will assist teams enforcing consistency between different pieces of information, integrating requirements, risks, tests and design knowledge in a common repository.

Transfer Function Management and Sensitivity Analysis

Qualica's Knowledge Matrix documents transfer functions established from Designed Experiments or other sources and performs sensitivity analysis using Propagation of Error calculations. An integrated Design Scorecard of Functional Requirements (CTQs) always reflects the latest status.


  • Level of Knowledge
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Transfer Functions
  • Prediction Intervals
  • DOE Factor Selection

Knowledge Matrix - Knowledge  View

Knowledge Matrix - Sensitivity

CTQ Prediction Intervals
DOE Planning


Knowledge Management with Qualica

  • Knowledge View (color coded for level of knowledge)
  • Sensitivity View (color coded for sensitivity to parameter variation)
  • Documentation of Transfer Functions from designed experiments or prior knowledge
  • Transfer function evaluation for mean and variance (Propagation of Error)
  • Knowledge hyperlinks for matrix relations
  • Factor and response variable selection for Design of Experiments
  • Matrix Partitioning (DSM / Axiomatic Design)
  • Performance Scorecard with Process Capability and Process Sigma
  • Prediction Intervals for CTQs