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Design Structure Matrix
 Planning Suite for DFSS

Design Structure Matrix

A Design Structure Matrix (DSM) is an easy to understand tool for analysis and the management of complex systems. It helps analyze dependencies among system elements and derive suggestions for structuring. DSM has a wide range of applications, ranging from task planning to analysis of system interactions.

Task Sequencing

DSM for task planning and optimized sequencing is integrated in Qualica's activity planning templates. Activity planning can be added to any project to coordinate tasks defined. DSM can then be used to determined the sequence minimizing coordination effort and the need for feedback loops.

System Analysis

(Axiomatic Design)

Matrices of Design Parameters and Functional Requirements (as well as Process Variables and Design Parameters) can be analyzed for coupling. Qualica uses extended decoupling algorithms to support decoupling of non-square design matrices frequently found in real life projects.




  • DSM for Activity Sequencing
  • DSM for Design Decoupling


Axiomatic Design


DSM with Qualica

  • DSM partitioning
  • DSM banding
  • Decoupling of non-square matrices
  • Selectable threshold values for partitioning
  • Partitioning on original matrix or on reference copy (shallow copy)