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QFD House of Quality

Qualica for DFSS captures and prioritizes VOC requirements using Quality Function Deployment (QFD) and AHP or questionnaires. The QFD cascade propagates any change in inputs through the system, automatically updating all affected documents.

Concept Selection


Using concept combination tables and concept selection methods of their choice, teams can document the selection of the preferred solution – options include Pugh, Scoring Matrix and TOPSIS. Qualica for DFSS then cascades CTQ or functional requirements to system elements for value management and target costing or to design parameters for knowledge management.


Scoring System

FMEA - Control Plan - DRBFM

Too often failure modes observed in the field are not entirely new. The often had been identified at some point during development by somebody, but were not properly mitigated. Only full integration of tools can assure all concern points raised will get addressed. Qualica integrates DRBFM, FMEA and Control Plan and links them to previous analysis of functional requirements done by QFD and Function Analysis.


Knowledge Matrix

Design Rationale - Robust Design - POE

The Knowledge Matrix provides a central repository for system knowledge management. Based on documentation of cause-effect relationships between design elements (Design Parameters) and requirements (CTQs) it is used to baseline initial knowledge, identify gaps and plan research or development activities such as Design of Experiments. The knowledge matrix becomes a core project risk management tool, reflecting gaps in knowledge and system robustness.



Project Management


At all times project leaders and managers will have full visibility of quality-related project status through performance scorecards.

The integrated task planner provides status reporting and project management support.


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Qualica for Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) provides teams and project leaders with a fully integrated method and documentation toolkit for their DFSS project. Qualica for DFSS captures all core information about your DFSS project.

All planning and risk management tools such as FMEA, Scorecards, Concept Selection Matrices and Control Plans can be fully integrated into the project. Project templates can easily be customized to reflect your organization’s New Product Development Process.

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