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Concept Selection
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Concept Selection

Qualica Concept Selection provides a framework for systematic selection of a preferred solution based on Constraints, Voice of Customer (Critical to Quality), Voice of Business and Cost. These categories should cover the four main dimensions of decision criteria:

  • Does the solution fit with strategy?
  • Does the solution meet customer expectations?
  • Does it meet time to market /availability needs?
  • Will it be profitable?

Systems Approach

Qualica concept selection is recursive: It cascades top level concepts to subsystems.

3 Key Methods

Qualica comes with templates supporting the three most frequently used approaches to concept selection:

  • Pugh / Scoring Matrix
  • AHP

Many other approaches or modifications can be implemented easily if needed.




  • Concept Scoring
  • Morphological
  • Pugh
  • Extended
  • AHP Concept Selection

The steps of concept selection are summarized on a report sheet.

It contains (from top):

  • The Morphological Box i.e. the functional focus areas where alternatives differ.
  • The Constraints Checklist
  • The customer requirements scoring matrix (Pugh Matrix)
  • A business requirements scoring matrix (Pugh Matrix)
  • A cost comparison table



In Qualica's morphological box concept fragments or ideas can be entered directly or defined in sub projects. Subsystem concepts will automatically be added to the list of choices.


The Pugh Matrix is available in a standalone version or as part of the concept scoring system. It can be used with or without criteria weights.


TOPSIS is the "Technique for Order Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution" - a dimensionless comparison method. Criteria can be measured on their actual scales, eliminating the need to vote on each concept/criteria combination. Qualica's Extended TOPSIS goes one step beyond by eliminating scale compression issues, resulting in the most objective comparison.

The Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) substitutes scoring against a baseline by direct comparison of pairs. Templates are available for criteria prioritization and concept selection. Concept selection determines ideal mode and distributive AHP scores as well as consistency ratios.



Concept Selection with Qualica

  • Comprehensive 4-Step Concept Selection Process.
  • Can be linked to CTQs from QFD House of Quality.
  • Will use weights, target values and acceptable ranges from CTQ Benchmarking when linked to QFD.
  • Hierarchical concept selection for large systems: top level concepts from direct subsystems
  • Support for AHP, TOPSIS and Pugh
  • SImple Pugh Matrix for direct use
  • Color coded decision matrices for presentation / reporting
  • Report formats for printing or on screen presentation.