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Analytical Hierarchy Process

Qualica supports the Analytical Hierarchy Process for prioritization and Concept Selection.AHP prioritizes requirements by paired comparison.  AHP was first developed by Tomas L. Saaty in 1976. Research indicates AHP is more precise and gives better results than most other prioritization methods. A large number of papers and literature on AHP are available (e.g. Saaty: Decision Making for Leaders, 1999).

AHP consists of two steps: (1) Prioritization of criteria and (2) selection of the best solution.

  • AHP
  • AHP



AHP with Qualica

  • Direct prioritization of VOC, VOB or other criteria
  • QFD updates when AHP votes change
  • AHP can be updated easily when requirements are added
  • AHP is updated at the click of a button when requirements are removed.