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How We Operate

How We Operate


At Qualica we believe a core factor to successful implementation of new tools and methodologies is seamless integration in the future organizational framework.


Successful introduction requires coordinated change management, training, and piloting. This is why we support our clients with a tailored approach to rolling out new tools and methodology. At a first step of engagement we perform a baselining study of your existing process and system. As a result we develop a current state map highlighting both strengths and opportunities for improvement of the system as is.

From this analysis the customer decides on the level of support required and actions to take, ranging from future state design to formal training, change management, or external facilitation.


Throughout our engagement with a client we will try to learn about the way our client operates in order to help where we can add true value. Our goal is to provide support exactly where it is needed most, using our client's internal resources and know how wherever and whenever external support is not necessary.