Get better results faster by letting our statistical consultants assist analyzing your data and solving your quality and efficiency problems.

Root Cause Problem-Solving

Six Sigma Black Belt services

Save time and money by letting our Six Sigma Black Belt or Master Black Belt level consultants tackle quality issues in operations or R&D at the root to achieve sustainable long-term performance. Our expert consultants will analyze these issues using a combination of traditional Six Sigma and advanced analysis tools. They will come up with a solid understanding of the underlying root cause. Once identified, they will develop practical improvements rogehter with your team, and test and implement them.

Statistical tolerancing has gained increasing popularity in many fields, while classically originating from mechanical design. The benefits of considering a likely instead of a worst case combination of single contributor tolerances in a stack up assembly of multiple contributors are clear: individual tolerances can be widened, often leading to significantly reduced cost. Popular approaches to Statistical Tolerancing include Root Sum of Squares (RSS) calculation and Monte Carlo (MC) simulations. In either case, results are strongly dependant upon the assumptions made. Realistic results require realistic assumptions. Qualica's experts will explain required assumptions to your subject matter experts, assist collecting required data, and develop a realistic tolerancing model.

Statistical Tolerancing

Make statistical tolerancing work for you

Design of Experiments

DOE Planning and Analysis

Design of Experiments (DOE) ist used to efficiently study and understand the effects of parameter changes in a new process or design. In Design of Experiments the quality of planning and preparation is often key to success. Qualica's DOE support will ensure you complete designed experiments successfully. Our consultants will take your team of subject matter experts through a rigorous 1-2 day process of knowledge mapping and planning to ensure you receive the most efficient and effective plan for experimentation. If needed they can help to plan, organize and execute measurement system analysis before the actual experiment.When planning the experiment we will use optimal, state of the art experimental designs where appropriate to save time and money on execution. After the experiment we ensure correct interpretation of results presenting and discussing findings and next steps in a half day to one day meeting. Typically an investigation includes 2-3 rounds of experimentation, going from screening to optimization to confirmation/robustness.

Using Multivariate Analysis existing data can be effectively analyzed, gaining insight into how multiple factors of influence interact to influence an outcome, Using leading statistical tools our consultants will analyze data you provide and present and discuss findings with your subject matter experts.

Multivariate Analysis

Transforming Data to Knowledge

Data Analysis and Consulting

Decisions Based on Statistical Evidence

Base your decisions on statistical evidence to defend them and reduce the risk of error to a low quantified level. Whenever you need practical support or have open questions applying Six Sigma statistics, our experts can help out. We will analyze data for you or provide advice on how to do it yourself.