Professional facilitation of Design Sprints, FMEAs, QFD workshops and root cause problem solving. We will ensure you obtain the results you need to take decisions on the course of your project.

Risk Management / FMEA

Professional facilitation of FMEAs, FTAs and DRBFM

Benefit from required risk analysis methods such as FMEA by truly discovering and mitigating potential issues early on. Qualica consultants will apply an advanced cascade of tools ranging from P-Charts and Interface Matrices to DRBFM, Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) and Robustness Checklists in addition to FMEA for highly effective risk detection and mitigation. Qualica consultants apply automotive AIAG/VDA 2019 or adapts to your corporate standards.

Design Sprints

Planning, facilitation and successful closure of design sprints.

Six Sigma educated facilitatiors will guide your team through design sprints. This will help you identify the need for proper root cause data analysis where needed, which in turn will prevent your team from rushing into poor solutions. During decison making, our facilitators will apply appropriate methods for evaluation and risk mitigation if deemed necessary.

Requirements Definition

Facilitation of Voice of Customer, Kano, QFD House of Quality or AHP workshops

A complete set of clear-cut, well understood requirements is essential for bringing successful products to market on time and within budget. Qualica will help you to tap into all relevant sources and come up with a comprehensive view of customer expectations. By taking your team through a series of facilitated workshops Qualica will help develop a set of unambiguous, prioritized and testable specifications. Using tools such as the Kano model, benchmarking, Quality Function Deployment (QFD) or the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) your team will develop objectives understood and agreed-upon by all functions involved.

Design Concept Selection

Systematic and Traceable Decision Making with FAST, Morphobox, Pugh, TRIZ, Axiomatic Design

Identifying a high-level design capable of addressing the full spectrum of customer expectations is key to business success. Qualica will assist your team iterating through a set of systematic steps leading to the best possible solution. We will first structure the problem, then explore the solution space, and finally facilitate the evaluation of options against requirements using Qualica’s multi criteria decision making methodology in combination with classical methods such as FAST, System Analysis, TRIZ, Morphological charts and Pugh matrices.

Value Stream Design

Improve your value stream leveraging design expertise

Leverage our consultant's expertise minimizing lead time, inventories, non-value added activities and waste of resources in non-textbook value streams ranging from pharamceutical industry to financial services and R&D processes. Qualica consultants will assist with activities ranging from basic workplace cleanliness (5S) and improvement of classical manufacturing value streams to analysis and design of complex, high variation business processes..

Robust Design

Optimize robustness of your products and prcesses by exploring and systematically analyzing parameter interactions with advanced DOE

Consistently meeting customer expectations requires minimizing the products of processes sensitivity to uncontrolled noise factors. Taking on topics identified risk management, Qualica will combine existing data with experiments and develop mathematical models pointing to a robust parameter design space. Qualica uses Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) methodology combined with state of the art Design of Experiments (DOE), multivariate analysis and simulation to maximize robustness and process understanding.