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Design for Lean Six Sigma integrates widely adopted DFSS tools and best practices with a Lean Product Development process. DFSS tools provide best practice requirements management, customer orientation, product optimization and robustness, and manufacturing process management.

To leverage the full power of DFSS it is essential to integrate it into a Lean Innovation Process. Where Lean production processes reduce physical inventory and lead time, Lean Innovation minimizes time to market by managing development resource utilization. This leads to a significant reduction in time to market and thus to changes in requirements, resulting in more new products or services available sooner and with less effort. Our Lean PDP Implementation Process involves the following steps:

  • Baselining the current state

    • Baselining is fundamental to enable us to recognize improvements achieved by Lean DFSS. It will help you understand the performance and bottlenecks of your current state process. Working closely with your implementation team, we will collect accurate information on lead time, cycle times, resource utilization and work in process. Baselining will also provide a basis for selecting KPI's of the future state process.
  • DFLSS Benefits
  • Developing the Vision
    • Together with your implementation team, we will develop a vision, a multi-generation implementation plan, and a hoshin plan of milestones and actions required for a smooth and successful migration to Design for Lean Six Sigma. Core elements of a transition plan are:
    1. Achieving Right First Time. Rework due to design errors and poor specification is pure waste and must be eliminated.
    2. Reducing WIP. Running too many projects in parallel will slow down delivery of all projects, hurting your profitability
    3. Reuse. Reusing existing platform components is the most powerful way of speeding up the PDP process and getting more new products out of the door sooner.
  • Implementation of a Lean Design Excellence Milestone process ("Lean PDP")

    1. Define WIP management procedures (release of projects / tasks into PDP phases).
    2. Definition of stakeholder roles and responsibilities at milestones.    
    3. Future State Design.
    4. Definition of Gate Review and Design Review procedures, checklists and deliverables.
    5. Definition of communication and training.
    6. Implement PDP KPI dashboard system.

  • Implementation Design Excellence (DFSS) procedures.

    1. Mapping of DFSS steps and methods to current PDP.
    2. Definition/Selection of appropriate tools from DEX toolbox.
    3. Development of templates, documents, for pilot projects.
    4. Selection and execution of pilot projects.
    5. Development of training and in-house case studies from pilot projects. 
    6. Release of approved changes into official PDP in a step by step rollout (as pilot projects progress).
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