Design Excellence Power Tools

Management Consulting

Qualica management consulting can help your organizations setting and achieving goals to move them towards best-in-class results. From Strategy Planning and Innovation to Time to Market, and across a wide range of industries, our methodology and expertise helps to deliver projects faster and more accurately on target, with increased visibility and less resources.

Our consulting services focus on helping you develop new products or services more effectively and ensure smooth transition to production. The full integration of powerful software tools in our implementation strategy will help you to make use of best practice methodology in a practical, feasible way.


Hoshin Planning

Set and achieve strategic goals by breaking them down to operational goals using Hoshin and GDPM.

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Innovation Excellence

Design for Lean Six Sigma

Implement a state-of-the-art Lean DFSS integrating DFSS best practices into your product development process.

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Operational Excellence

Lean Six Sigma

Fight muda, mura and muri to ensure your products and services will be delivered as designed, on target with minimum variation.

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